Screener: Today’s Trend


This screener detects in day charts possible trends and their duration using a 20 periods moving average and an MACD.

The chart background is either red or green when there is a trend. If the trend is of 1 to 3 days the background will be of a lighter shade of green or red. 


In this example, the green background indicates a bullish trend on the Russel 2000.







A MetaSentimentor of 63 indicates that the trend has lasted 13 candles (= 63 - 50).



In this example, the red background indicates a bearish trend on the forex pair USD/CAD.







A MetaSentimentor of 45 indicates that the trend has lasted 5 candles (= 50 - 45).




This screener enables you to detect each morning which instruments are in a bearish or bullish trend and which instruments are currently not in a trend.