LiveTables scan in real-time strategies applied to a list of financial instruments. They must be used on intraday strategies. They can detect instantly an instrument on which a buy or sell signal appears for a specific study.

You will find below an explanation about how to configurate your LiveTables.

Create your LiveTable

Right click on "LiveTables" in the WorkSpaceBar, and select "New-Study":

A LiveTable window appears at the top of your platform screen:

Open your two SCD system studies

You can open your two template studies through the WorkSpaceBar, by clicking right on a contract and by selecting the template study "WHS BandsSCD 12sec":

The two SCD system charts in 5 minutes and 12 seconds open in your platform. Display your windows as below, and then select an account in your SpeedTrader in the 12 seconds chart, in order to link your study to this account. If you want to add other instruments, repeat the previous steps.

Include the studies linked to the charts to your LiveTable

You can add your two studies one after the other to your LiveTable. In order to do so, first click on the name of the 5 minutes BandsSCD study at the top left hand corner of your chart. Then drag and drop it into your LiveTable, by pressing the left click of your mouse. Repeat the same operation for your 12 seconds BandsSCD study:

This will allow your two studies to be scanned simultaneously by your LiveTable.

If you want to watch several instruments, drag and drop the two studies (5 minutes and 12 seconds) of each instrument into your LiveTable.

In order to avoid overloading your screen, you can choose to display the 5 minutes and 12 seconds charts of one instrument, and to hide the other charts. Right click on the line of the instrument you want to hide and select "Hide/Display Charts":

When a signal appears in one of the studies, the line of this study is highlighted in dark blue. This system allows the user to identify quickly a signal apparition.

Sound notification for a signal

The 5 minutes chart study is being scanned. It identifies potential signals to open a position. When a potential signal appears, a sound alert already integrated to the study will play.

You can parameter additionnal sound alerts, in particular to get a notification when a signal is given to open or close a position on the 12 seconds study.

To do so, right click in your LiveTable and select "Notifications":

A window like the one below opens. On the left, you can select the event for which you would like to hear a sound alert. Then, select on the right which sound you would like to be played when the associated event occurs.


  • For more details about LiveTables, the "Charting and Trading Manual" is available in the “Help” menu of your trading platform.
  • You can also save your whole page, including your LiveTable window and one or several 5 minutes and 12 seconds chart pairs, by clicking on the "Manager Page" button of the horizontal menu:

Give your page a name, for instance "MySCDPage", so as to be able to reload it quickly through the same "Manager Page" button. This button will also allow you to define it as your Start Page.

You will be asked to name your new LiveTable. Give it a simple name, such as "SCDLiveTable". This way, you will be able to find it easily in your WorkSpaceBar: