Risk disclaimer

Pending the approval of the prospectus which reflects the new regulation, our Belgian branch does not open new CFD-Forex accounts.

In accordance with this new regulation, leverage is limited to 1 for CFD-Forex clients resident in Belgium.

For CFD-Forex clients not resident in Belgium, leverage may be greater than 1. These clients should read this risk notice: CFD-Forex with leverage are speculative products that can lead to a loss that can be total or higher than your initial investment whatever the duration of the investment. The investment in CFD-Forex requires being able to monitor daily, or even intraday, open positions given the volatility of this investment. An investment in CFD-Forex carries significant risks of which: magnification of losses given the leverage effect, forced liquidation risk, liquidity risk (risk of not being able to close its position given the lack of counterpart in the underlying market).

Target group: this complex instrument is suitable for experienced investors who have a sufficient knowledge to evaluate, given their financial situation, their advantages and risks to invest in this complex instrument (notably by becoming familiar with the underlying asset) and who accept a risk of loss higher than their initial investment.