WH SelfInvest always goes the extra mile to serve clients. An important barometer is the spontaneous e-mail feedback we receive from satisfied clients. This feedback supports our legendary service claim. Thank you clients!

"Excellent service. User-friendly fast trading platform" JH. "Thank you for your clear explanations … time and time again" AK. "I am very pleased to see that your service knows no limits. Actually this is more than service" WD.


In a broker comparison based on 12 key factors WH SelfInvest obtained the highest total score.

WH SelfInvest best broker


Many famous traders use WH SelfInvest as their broker. They are not shy to express their positive opinions. "WH SelfInvest is a reliable broker which I do not hesitate to recommend during my seminars" declares Michael Voigt. Thorsten Helbig writes "Platform: the best on offer. Support: unbeatable in both competence and friendliness". Tobias Heitkötter appears to be a fan of our high-speed order execution "There is no faster nor better order execution as the one offered by NanoTrader".


WH SelfInvest has offices in six countries. Besides the main offices there are three full branch offices. Clients can open a German, French, Belgian or Luxemburg account.

WHS Offices


It is with great satisfaction that we can state that WH SelfInvest has obtained a winner’s podium position in every major broker comparison in the last 10 years. Investment Trends, Fuchs, Brokerwahl, Moneyweek, Euro am Sontag ... each one.

WH SelfInvest awards


WH SelfInvest is known for the quality of its education. A packed schedule of seminars and webinars is open to you. The seminars and webinars cover the spectrum from platform training for novice traders to advanced trader topics. Famous traders are frequently invited as guest speakers.

Clients can also request an individual platform training with one of our employees either online or in one of our offices.


WH SelfInvest has its own in-house platform. The NanoTrader, which exists in both a free and a paying version, has been for over a decade the trendsetter in the trading industry. The platform serves ALL trading styles. Scalping, daytrading, swing trading, strategy trading, scanning ... everything is possible. Trading can be done manually, semi-automatically and automatically. New functionalities, often based on client suggestions, are added frequently. Innovation is key.

NanoTrader trading platform

Watch this video: "Nanotrader Free"


More than 30% of clients who placed an order this year have been WHS client for five years or more. Clients are satisfied and every day we do our best to keep it that way. It also shows they have learned to trade and to survive and thrive using our tools and services. WH SelfInvest is the broker for successful traders.