The trading platform offers many different order types. Besides the classic market, limit and stop orders there are, for example, 12 additional stop order types. It is also possible to place orders on trendlines or to close a position at a point in time of your choice.

Stop  orders

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From simply placing bracket orders after you open a position to automating a complete trading strategy everything is possible. The platform contains over 50+ trading strategies which can be implemented manually, semi-automatically or automatically.


Guaranteed stop orders are available. The major advantage of a guaranteed stop is that it guarantees the execution price. No matter if the market is moving fast or if there is a overnight gap – traders know their maximum risk.


Clients have a free permanent real-time demo account at their disposal. The free demo account can be used to practice and to test new ideas.

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Investors who built up their open position in parts and who want to reduce their position can select which part(s) of the position they close first.

This example shows a total position of 2 CFDs on the Dax. The position was bought in two parts. If the investor wishes to reduce his position, he can decide which of the two parts he sells.

non fifo orders


Orders are executed at high-speed due to privileged relationships with numerous major forex banks. The execution speed can be verified by comparing the time when you placed the order -which is automatically registered in the platform- with the time the order was executed. The average order execution time is less than 0,28''.


The most recent statistics show that 98,2% of all forex orders have been executed without slippage. More than 99% of forex orders are executed automatically. There is no dealing desk intervention. In short, the price you see quoted on the platform is by far the most likely price at which your order will be executed.


Orders can be placed and managed via the charts. This can be done in several ways from simply dragging orders to different price levels to using the famous one-click Tactic Buttons. An order can also follow your trendline.

Trendline Stop Order


Forex is one of WH SelfInvest’s core competencies. We truly believe there is no forex offer with a better combination of product range, order execution, spreads and trading platform.


Investors can fully or partially hedge their open positions by being long and short at the same time on the same instrument.

This example shows an investor with a long and a short sell position on the Dax. The net result of the combined position is € -1,70. This result will not change unless the spread on the instrument changes.

hedging positions