WH SelfInvest offers clients two solutions: a multi-asset account or one or more specialised accounts.

Active investors need the best solution to get the best trading results. The multi-asset account is specialised in stock and warrants trading. For CFD-Forex and futures specialised accounts are also available. The NanoTrader platform allows investors to trade on one or more accounts in parallel.


The multi-asset account offers the possibility to place orders on a broad range of instruments. It is the most suitable account for trading stocks and warrants. For CFD-Forex and futures trading it is, however, better to use a specialised account.

An alternative to the multi-asset account is one or more specialised accounts. The NanoTrader platform allows users to select any combination of accounts. For example, an active futures trader who also buys and sells stocks on occasion, can combine a specialised futures account and a multi-asset account. All accounts in the NanoTrader platform can be traded in parallel.


CFD are a financial instrument which offer the active investor a very broad range (stocks, indices, oil, gold ...) combined with the possibility to open small positions. Investors wishing to trade CFD opt for a specialised CFD account. The specialised account offers more choice, fixed spreads, 24h/5 pricing and lower commissions.

Forex is traded on the same account. Active forex investors using this account enjoy advantages such as spread-based forex (i.e. forex with no commission) and commission-based forex with a very small commission and no minimum.

Visit the account comparison table to see why CFD-Forex traders choose a specialised CFD-Forex account.


Futures are the preferred instrument of active investors. Order execution is fully electronic and high speed. Every future is listed on a single exchange. The futures exchanges distribute, in real-time, tick-by-tick quotes, live order books and detailed time and sales tables. Active futures traders need this information. The futures trading capabilities of the specialised futures account are superior to those of the multi-asset account.

Visit the account comparison table to see why futures traders choose a specialised futures account.


In the case of stocks and structured products (warrants, turbos, certificates ...) the multi-asset account is the optimal account. Active investors interested in stocks should opt for the multi-asset account. This account offers the best combination possible of fast order execution, access to many stocks markets (Europe, U.S.A, Asia ...) and very low commissions.