Our commission-based spot forex offer has two unique characteristics:

(1) the commission is low (0,035 per $ 1.000)* and

(2) the spread is low and non-variable. A non-variable spread offers several advantages:

  • Only a non-variable spread allows correct backtesting of a trading strategy.
  • The profit (loss) on an open position which is hedged will never change.
  • The profit (loss) on an open position will not change constantly due to changes in spread.
  • You always know at which spread you will be executed. There are no surprise spread increases just when you place your order.

* Example 1: buy 1.000 EUR/USD. The commission is € 0,035. Example 2: sell 1.000 GBP/USD. The commission is £ 0,035.

Orders on the MT4 trading platform are charged the total commission when the position is opened. No commission is charged when the position is closed. The commission is 2 x 0,035 per 1.000 in the base currency of the account. Example: buy 1.000 EUR/USD. The commission is € 0,07. Sell these 1.000 EUR/USD. The commission is 0.

Note: non-variable spreads can change but only at precise points in time. These timed changes can be found in the information lists.