NanoTrader offers many different chart types. Charts can be opened to any time frame you wish. Technical analysis can be performed by using the drawing tools, the 125+ technical indicators, the tools proposed by other traders, the built-in trading strategies and signals ...

NanoTrader zigzag


Once you activate several indicators it becomes difficult to instantly evaluate their combined opinion. The combined opinion of your indicators is shown in the main chart. Green: all indicators are bullish. Red: all indicators are bearish. White: some indicators are bullish, some indicators are bearish.

Trading chart indicator


Many popular drawing tools such as Fibonacci, Andrews pitchfork and ABCD are available. There also specialised drawing tools based on famous traders.

Trading strategy results


Techscan is an automated technical analysis tool. Every day, at the end of the day Techscan will analyse stocks, forex pairs and market indices on the basis of technical indicators, statistics and trading strategies. It is possible to receive the results of the analysis by e-mail. Techscan is free.

Technical analysis

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Over 125 technical indicators are available in the platform. The indicators can be used to generate trading signals and orders by themselves or as part of a complete trading strategy. New indicators are added regularly.

Technical trading indicators


Besides market charts the platform also offers equity charts. Equity charts show the evolution of the profit (loss) of a trading strategy. Above the trades, below the cumulative result.

Drawing tools