In addition to their real account all clients get a real-time papertrade account. You can use this account to train and to test new ideas. Watch this video for more details.

Papertrade account

Watch this video: "Papertrade and Simulation Ticker"


The markets are closed during the weekend, precisely the moment when most people have spare time to spend developing their trading skills. NanoTrader solves this dilemma with a simulation ticker, which moves like a financial instrument. You can use the ticker random or set its speed, direction and volatility.

Simulation ticker


Recording allows you to record a trading day. Besides the market prices the recording function also records the movements in the order book. Playback allows you to play a recording and trade on it. You can accelerate or slow down the recording. Playback also allows you to replay part of a chart only.

Trading record


The NanoTrader platform contains over 45 trading strategies . These strategies can inspire you when developing your own strategy. You can freely modify the strategies in the platform and build upon them. All strategies can be implemented manually, semi-automatically and automatically.

Trading strategies


NanoTrader allows active investors to trade together in virtual real-time trading groups. Positions and orders of the other traders in the group are visible in your platform and charts. Via chat and icons group members can communicate. By sending lay-outs which the recipients drag and drop into their platform, group members can visualize the same screen.


Not platform functionalities but definitely useful for active investors ... WH SelfInvest regularly organises trading seminars and webinars. These events are usually free and benefit both novice and experienced traders. We often invite famous traders as guest speakers.

In the electronic library readers can find e-books on trading, monthly reports and guides. The library is currently available in Dutch, French and German.

Trading library