Everybody can learn how to trade. The first step is learning how to trade without losing money. People who fail to take this most important first hurdle do so because of a disregard for the basic rules and the absence of a clear trading strategy.

This trading signals tool is a teaching tool. It serves to proof that a simple trading strategy and respect of the basic rules can take you a long way. The risk is limited. With these trading signals you can venture into the real market in a prudent way. The real market is the only place to really learn.

Clients have free access to the market structure points tool. If you would like to try the tool you can request a free demo below. The tool consists of a website with real-time trading signals, charts, educational material, self-evaluation tests, etc.

The web-based version of the tool.
The best starting point.

The trading signals are also available in
the trading platform.